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Basketball Experience

I have been involved with the sport of basketball for over 30 years as a player, coach, referee and administrator, however, my primary focus since for the last 20 years has been coaching and helping with the development of the basketball programs in the Kennebecasis Valley. Coaching Career:

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Crusaders Basketball

Yes...I do bleed blue & white. Go, Crusaders!

From when I first started playing basketball back in the 8th grade, I wanted to be a Crusader. In the beginning, it was a simple goal of being good enough to make the team. Looking back it seems silly that a kid of my size would worry about making the team but in my eyes, I couldn't possibly see myself playing on a team loaded with so many talented players. As luck would have it, I did make the team in grade 11 and ended up having a great high school experience playing varsity basketball for Ted Corby (1979-80) and Peter Corby (1980-81).

Like most people my age, most of the games and the practices are now a blur, but the times spent hanging out with teammates on the bus trips, in the lockers rooms or during the evenings and weekends are some of best memories I have of playing basketball over the years.

Like most graduates, I slowly lost touch with the high school basketball scene as I went on to college then started to raise a family of my own. The one constant, however, was the annual Alumni game held each December 26th. The game gave us an opportunity to catch up with former teammates and to talk to "coach" about the new crop of players coming up. Things have now come full circle as two of my kids played basketball at KVHS and I'm now the coach that my former players are asking "How's the team looking this year?".