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New Look…New Season

With a new basketball season about to begin, I thought it was time to get back to updating my blog more regularly. Hopefully I’ll do a better job than I’ve done over the last year as there should be lots to write about this season.

To get things start I’ve updated my site with a new look and feel. Being a typical computer geek I tend to turn simple tasks into a much more complicated process than it should be and this time was no different. I’ve switched out my old blogging engine (again) and have moved back to good old WordPress. I’ve also added lots of widgets under the covers to take advantage of all the great social networking tools now available. Hopefully taking the time to wire this all together has given me some valuable hands on experience plus I’ll have a more effective platform for sharing some thoughts on my favorite sport.

Since I haven’t posted anything here for so long there is lots to talk about but I’ll keep this post short and will follow up with more details as we go forward. Here is a quick summary of what has been happening so far this season…

BNB Elite Development Program
Basketball New Brunswick has created a new program for their elite athletes which will replace the Center for Performance (CP) program. The new program will include five Regional Training Centers (RTC) across the province where athletes will training with local coaches using an updated version of the CP curriculum and practice plans developed by BNB. I’m helping out with the south-west RTC and will be writing about some of the great discussions I’ve had with other coaches regarding the content of the new CP curriculum, especially the footwork development.

Saint John Mill Rats
The Mill Rats are now part of the new National Basketball League of Canada. Players are starting to arrive here in Saint John and we’re only a couple of weeks away from the opening of training camp. The buzz about the new league, especially in the Canadian cities starting up professional basketball teams for the first time, has been unbelievable. I plan to return as an assistant coach again this year and hopefully will be able to post some articles on here regarding how the team adjusts to playing FIBA rules which will be the first time for some players on the roster.

NPH East Coast Showcase
North Pole Hoops  are holding a player combine and showcase at Nova Scotia Agriculture College (Truro, NS) September 30 – October 2. The event is open all Atlantic area players interested in proving themselves against the best players on the East coast. I’m aware of few area players that have registered for the event and I plan to drop down to observe the action.

KVBA Slammers
My son Ryan has been selected as the head coach for KVBA Bantam A boys teams. He’s been working basketball camps for years and has been an assistant coach on many teams in the area for years, but this is his first head coaching position. It looks like he has a pretty talented group of kids and I’m sure they are going to love player for a younger coach. It’s going to be great watching this team develop throughout the season.

There will be lots more to write about, especially as we moved in the high school season, and as I mentioned at the top, hopefully I can do a better job posting here than I did last season. If nothing else I have to at least keep up with Moncton Miracles assistant coach Serge Langis over at Lashing by Langis.

It’s good to be back online. Let’s have a great season.

New KVBA Board of Directors

The KVBA recently held its annual general meeting. As has been the trend the last couple of seasons, the turnout by the membership was very low. On one hand this is a good sign that people are pleased with the current programs offered by the KVBA, but on the other hand, could mean the KVBA is starting to become a little stagnant. Since I’m an optimist I like to believe we’ve been doing a good job and everyone is happy!

The out going member of the board of directors not re-offering for another term are Lorne Webster, Bruce Nicholson, Jeff MacLeod and Lisa Zwicker. All four have been involved in the KVBA for many years and their contribution to the association goes well beyond the board. All have coached house league, assisted in the organization of special events like the annual KVBA mini tournament or year-end closings, and all have been active in developing players and/or officials. A big thank you goes out to all four.

Returning members re-elected for another two year term are George Flanagan and Barry Van Steeg. The KVBA also brought on three new members; Mike Tilley, Sandra O’Neil and Jeff MacDonald. All three have been held volunteer position in the KVBA over the last few seasons and now bring their knowledge and leadership to the 2007-2008 KVBA Board of Directors.

For a complete list of the new KVBA Board click here.