Paul Vaughan

Nationals: Summary

Sorry for neglecting to post about our final couple days at Nationals, but like the athletes, I too was mentally drained at the end of the event. Now that I’m laid up with my foot in a cast (long story…but nothing too serious) I have more than enough time on my hands. As most everyone knows […]

Nationals: Day #6

As I said in yesterday’s post, there are lots of clichés available for underdog teams to sling around heading into tough games. There are just as many clichés for players and coaches following a lopsided defeat but we’ll try to avoid using any of them. We approached last night’s game with an attitude of that we belonged, so […]

Nationals: Day #5

Incredible team effort! That’s a phrase I’ve utter numerous times in the last 12 hours following our 85-53 victory over Newfoundland U17. I’m sure anyone that was able to watch our game would assume I’m referring to the team defense we played or the ball movement on offense, but we actually won that game because […]

Nationals: Day #4

New day, new month, new attitude for the BNB U17 men. As bad as we felt following our performance against the Saskatchewan U17 team yesterday, we’re feeling that good today. It’s not because we shot better or did much different from a statistical  point of view, we simply played with more passion and stayed positive throughout the game. The result […]

Nationals: Day #3

To say day #3 (Tuesday July 31) was disappointing would be an understatement. As I’ve stated before, we spent a lot of time talking to the team about being the best at the “controlables” and all indications leading into yesterday’s game against Saskatchewan was we were physically, mentally and emotionally ready to play our best. In […]

Nationals: Day #2

The focus for the second day of Nationals (Mon July 30)  was to “practice” our game day routine which meant a 6:30 am wake up and breakfast by 7:00 am.  Although we had no game to play we needed the boys to follow the same schedule we will be  following when we kick-off the U17 […]

Nationals: Day #1

Our first day (Sunday July 29) at the 2012 National Championships was a travel day. The day began at 5:15 am when the bus left Quispamsis with Saint John area players and coaches. After stops in Fredericton, Woodstock and Grand Falls we hit the road for Bishops University in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Three movies later and […]

Congrats Crusaders

Congratulations to the following KVHS Crusaders (and soon to be Crusaders) for being selected to Basketball New Brunswick summer provincial teams: Erik Nissen (2013) – U17 Nathan d’Entremont (2013) – U17 Mark Graham (2013) – U17 Brad Sanford (2014) – U16 Ethan O’Neil (2015) – U15D Ben Tait (2015) – U15D Ian Crowley (2015) – […]

Good Luck Crusaders

Good luck to the KVHS Crusaders trying out for the BNB U17 and U16 teams this coming weekend…Erik Nissen, Nathan d’Entremont, Mark Graham, James Davis and Brad Sanford. Go Crusaders!

Three Teams Confirmed for Riverboat

Planning for the 2013 Riverboat tournament is well under way. The date for the 2013 Riverboat tournament is set for January 10-12 (Thu-Sat), 2013. So far three teams for the men’s draw have been confirmed. Leo Hayes Lions The 2011-2012 Lions were a young team that were supposed in a rebuilding phase. It would seem, however, that someone forgot […]