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2014 Nationals: Bronze Medal Game

Throughout our training sessions leading up to Nationals we were very confident that this year’s New Brunswick U17 men’s team was a medal contender. With a win in our final game over our Atlantic Canada rival we would achieve that goal and improve on last year’s fourth place finish. Unfortunately the bronze medal was not […]

2014 Nationals: The Rematch

There was a lot of build up to yesterday’s rematch with Team Ontario. Since our first meeting on Friday they have been playing very well with convincing victories over Quebec (90-67) and Newfoundland (85-70) and looked to be hitting their stride. For us we were coming off an exciting victory over a very strong British Columbia […]

2014 Nationals: Day #5 British Columbia

I’m skipping the day #4 update. It was an off day with a players banquet during the evening. Nobody wants to here about that. Monday was the day we’ve been waiting for since we lost to Manitoba on Saturday. There is no shame in loosing but it was disappointing to following up our opening night […]

2014 Nationals: Day #3 Manitoba

The high and lows of Nationals. All teams experience them and we’re no different. Following our Friday night victory over Ontario there was a huge out pouring of positive energy from NB’ers here in attendance and back home following us online and through social media. Given Ontario’s success over the years at Nationals this is understandable […]

2014 Nationals Day #2 – Ontario

We’re finally here. It’s game day. Up first…Ontario. Friday (yesterday) was all about a single purpose. Win our game against Ontario. Considering the Ontario U17 men’s team has not lost a game at Nationals in three years and NB has never beaten Ontario, this could easily be dismissed as wishful thinking on our part. But we had […]

2014 Nationals Day #1

Today was our first full day here in Edmonton. The day was all about getting the players adjusted to the new time zone and settled into our daily routine. The number one thing we have asked the boys to focus on leading up to Friday’s game is to properly manage their bodies. Given the warm […]

2014 Nationals Set to Begin

With the 2014 National Championships about to kick-off tomorrow, I decided it was time to dust off the old Hardfouls blog. Hopefully this will provide those who are following our men’s U17 team a little more info that what we normally try to cram into our 140 character tweets. This year the talk has been […]

Nationals: Summary

Sorry for neglecting to post about our final couple days at Nationals, but like the athletes, I too was mentally drained at the end of the event. Now that I’m laid up with my foot in a cast (long story…but nothing too serious) I have more than enough time on my hands. As most everyone knows […]

Nationals: Day #6

As I said in yesterday’s post, there are lots of clichés available for underdog teams to sling around heading into tough games. There are just as many clichés for players and coaches following a lopsided defeat but we’ll try to avoid using any of them. We approached last night’s game with an attitude of that we belonged, so […]

Nationals: Day #5

Incredible team effort! That’s a phrase I’ve utter numerous times in the last 12 hours following our 85-53 victory over Newfoundland U17. I’m sure anyone that was able to watch our game would assume I’m referring to the team defense we played or the ball movement on offense, but we actually won that game because […]