Single Game Records

Statistics prior to the 1997-1998 season are not available as most of the old score sheets have been lost. For those who played at KVHS between 1975 & 1997, we will attempt to estimate their scoring totals using old newspaper clippings whenever possible. If you feel someone should be added to the list above please let me know and we’ll try to estimate their totals.

Most Points in a Game(Top 20)
PlayerClassDate Opponentpts
Hillsland, Brian1979December 13th 1976St. Malachy's52
Graham, Josh2006January 13th 2006 Saint John High49
Loughery, Colin2019January 18th 2018St. Malachy's41
Vaughan, Ryan2009November 27th 2008Saint John High38
Loughery, Colin2019December 11th 2018Saint John High38
Trites, Gavin2021January 31st 2020HTHS Trojans38
Nissen, Erik2013December 21st 2012CP Allen Cheetahs37
Vaughan, Ryan2009December 6th 2008Harrison Trimble36
Tilley, Jack2015January 10th 2014CEC Cougars35
Pollard, Ryan2021January 10th 2020Auburn Drive Eagles35
Nissen, Erik2013December 1st 2012Fredericton Kats34
Nissen, Erik2013November 13th 2012St. Malachy's Saints33
Tilley, Jack2015February 7th 2015Saint John High33
Spurrell, Chris2016January 1st 2016Colonel Gray33
Flynn-Breen, Colin2006December 22nd 2005Hampton32
Vaughan, Paul1981December 1st 1980Moncton High School32
Crowley, Ian2015November 20th 2013Rothesay Red Hawks32
Loughery, Colin2019January 12th 2019RNS River Hawks32
Loughery, Colin2019December 13th 2018Sussex Sonics32
Nissen, Erik2013November 28th 2012Saint John Greyhounds31
Most Assists in a Game(Top 20)
PlayerClassDate Opponentassists
Tilley, Jack2015January 10th 2015SJA MacDonald13
Tilley, Jack2015December 20th 2014Leo Hayes Lions12
Tilley, Jack2015January 8th 2015Leo Hayes Lions11
Spurrell, Chris2016February 6th 2016Fundy High Mariners11
Scott, Ryan2019January 17th 2019Harbour View Vikings11
Tilley, Jack2015January 11th 2015Riverview Royals10
Spurrell, Chris2016December 13th 2015Sackville Kingfishers10
Miller, Keegan2021January 31st 2019Rothesay Red Hawks10
Graham, Mark2013November 28th 2012Saint John Greyhounds9
Tilley, Jack2015December 10th 2014Saint John High9
Tilley, Jack2015February 6th 2015FHS Black Kats9
Johnson, Jared2016January 2nd 2016Halifax Grammar9
Spurrell, Chris2016January 9th 2016Horton High Griffons9
Scott, Ryan2019January 14th 2019Sussex Sonics9
Butler, Adam2022November 26th 2021Woodstock Thunder9
Graham, Mark2013November 17th 2012Harrison Tremble Trojans8
Tilley, Jack2015December 13th 2013Carleton North Stars8
Tilley, Jack2015November 12th 2013Harbour View Vikings8
Tilley, Jack2015January 12th 2015Horton High Griffons8
Tilley, Jack2015November 12th 2014Simonds Seabees8
Most Rebounds in a Game(Top 20)
PlayerClassDate Opponentrebs
Loughery, Colin2019January 5th 2019Saint John High30
Loughery, Colin2019January 14th 2019Sussex Sonics23
Loughery, Colin2019January 29th 2019Simonds Seabees22
Nissen, Erik2013November 19th 2012Simonds Seabees21
Loughery, Colin2019January 18th 2018St. Malachy's20
Loughery, Colin2019December 16th 2018FHS Black Kats20
Loughery, Colin2019January 4th 2019FHS Black Kats20
Loughery, Colin2019December 11th 2018Saint John High20
Loughery, Colin2019January 8th 2019Saint John High20
Loughery, Colin2019January 31st 2019Rothesay Red Hawks20
Nissen, Erik2013February 16th 2013Moncton Purple Knights19
Crowley, Ian2015February 7th 2014Oromocto Blues19
Crowley, Ian2015February 13th 2015Miramichi Valley19
Nissen, Erik2013November 28th 2012Saint John Greyhounds18
Loughery, Alex2016December 12th 2015Saint John High18
Loughery, Colin2019January 10th 2018Harbour View Vikings18
Loughery, Colin2019January 26th 2018Three Oaks18
Loughery, Colin2019January 11th 2019Horton High Griffons18
MacDougall, Dallen2020December 12th 2019Sussex Sonics18
DeFazio, Cole2022November 27th 2021FHS Black Kats18
Most Steals in a Game(Top 20)
PlayerClassDate Opponentsteals
Spurrell, Chris2016November 16th 2015Simonds Seabees13
Nam, Matt2018November 10th 2017Carleton North Stars11
DeFazio, Cole2022November 24th 2021St. Malachy's10
Kolyvas, Costa2013November 24th 2012Woodstock Thunder9
Nissen, Erik2013December 1st 2012Fredericton Kats9
Kolyvas, Costa2013November 23rd 2012St. Stephen Spartans8
Spurrell, Chris2016February 6th 2016Fundy High Mariners8
Miller, Cameron2018December 1st 2017Colonel Gray #28
Butler, Adam2022November 19th 2021RNS River Hawks8
d'Entremont, Nathan2013January 15th 2013Suusex Sonics7
Sanford, Brad2014November 22nd 2013Fredericton Kats7
Spurrell, Chris2016December 3rd 2014St. Malachy's7
Trites, Gavin2021November 16th 2019ARHS Vikings7
Pollard, Ryan2021January 31st 2020HTHS Trojans7
Miller, Keegan2021November 26th 2019Saint John High7
DeFazio, Cole2022November 27th 2021Leo Hayes Lions7
Graham, Mark2013November 28th 2012Saint John Greyhounds6
Nissen, Erik2013January 15th 2013Suusex Sonics6
Sanford, Brad2014January 15th 2013Suusex Sonics6
Sanford, Brad2014November 12th 2013Harbour View Vikings6
Most Blocks in a Game(Top 20)
PlayerClassDate Opponentblocks
Nissen, Erik2013November 18th 2012Leo Hayes Lions8
Nissen, Erik2013November 18th 2012Auburn Drive Eagles6
Nissen, Erik2013January 10th 2013Leo Hayes Lions6
Nissen, Erik2013January 11th 2013Citadel Phoenix6
Nissen, Erik2013January 17th 2013Moncton Purple Knights6
Crowley, Ian2015February 1st 2014Jean-De-Brebeuf6
Trites, Gavin2021January 28th 2020Rothesay Red Hawks6
Nissen, Erik2013November 24th 2012Woodstock Thunder5
Nissen, Erik2013January 3rd 2013Horton High Griffins5
Nissen, Erik2013February 13th 2013Leo Hayes Lions5
Nissen, Erik2013November 28th 2012Saint John Greyhounds5
Nissen, Erik2013November 21st 2012Rothesay Red Hawks5
Crowley, Ian2015January 14th 2014Suusex Sonics5
Crowley, Ian2015February 4th 2014Saint John Greyhounds5
Johnson, Jared2016January 19th 2016Harbour View Vikings5
Loughery, Alex2016January 30th 2016Moncton Purple Knights5
Corless, Bryce2017December 8th 2015Harbour View Vikings5
Pollard, Ryan2021December 30th 2020Sussex Sonics5
Sanford, Brad2014February 13th 2013Fredericton Kats4
Nissen, Erik2013January 15th 2013Suusex Sonics4
Most 3-Pointers Made in a Game(Top 20)
PlayerClassDate Opponentm3p
Soucy, Brady2020January 31st 2019Rothesay Red Hawks8
Davis, James2013December 4th 2012Suusex Sonics7
Tait, Ben2015December 13th 2014Woodstock High Thunder7
Spurrell, Chris2016February 6th 2015FHS Black Kats7
Miller, Keegan2021November 30th 2018Lockview7
Miller, Keegan2021January 31st 2019Rothesay Red Hawks7
Davis, James2013February 13th 2013Leo Hayes Lions6
Tilley, Jack2015January 10th 2014CEC Cougars6
Tait, Ben2015December 14th 2014Saint John High6
Trites, Gavin2021December 14th 2019St. Francois6
Miller, Keegan2021December 30th 2020Sussex Sonics6
Davis, James2013November 24th 2012Woodstock Thunder5
Graham, Mark2013February 8th 2013St. Malachy's Saints5
Graham, Mark2013January 31st 2013Saint John Greyhounds5
Tait, Ben2015November 17th 2013Prince Andrew Panthers5
Tilley, Jack2015December 14th 2013Saint John Greyhounds5
Tait, Ben2015January 9th 2014Leo Hayes Lions5
O'Neil, Ethan2015February 14th 2014Riverview Royals5
Tilley, Jack2015November 21st 2014Sackville Kingfishers5
Spurrell, Chris2016January 11th 2015Riverview Royals5